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The Global Social Problem

Smartphone zombies (smombies) are pedestrians so much focused on their smartphones or tablets while walking that they do not notice the obstacles and dangers around them.

Currently, this problem is a serious safety risk not only for "smartphone zombies" themself, but also for other pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

Pedestrians concentrated on their smartphones get into accidents with subsequent injuries threatening their health, and sometimes this even ends with the death of a pedestrian.

Some countries are already seriously considering the solution of this global social problem. So, such cities as Washington (on 18th Street), Chongqing and Antwerp have introduced special lanes for smartphone users to help direct and manage them. In Augsburg, Bodegraven and Cologne, ground-level traffic lights embedded in the pavement have been introduced so that they are more visible to preoccupied pedestrians. In Seoul, warning signs have been placed on the pavement at dangerous intersections. A series of traffic signs have been installed in Sweden that warn about people using their phones while walking down the street. In the Austrian city of Salzburg, lampposts are being covered in airbags to stop smartphone zombies bumping into them as they walk around staring at their screens. Rexburg, Idaho has even imposed fines of $50 for texting while walking. In October 2017, the City of Honolulu, Hawaii has introduced a measure to fine pedestrians looking at smartphones, a fine is up to $100. So, what is next?

The best way of protection against such a threat of injury and danger to life would be, of course, to lock the smartphone screen while walking. But we all understand that this function will most likely be ignored by the owner of the smartphone because of the constant need for information, even while walking.

Therefore, we offer an alternative solution - an application for Android smartphones and tablets which recognizes obstacles to the movement of a pedestrian and gives a warning signal and a message. At the same time, you can use any basic working application you need at the moment.

This helper application recognizes the following as obstacles that can be potentially dangerous for you: pavement curbs, stairs, pedestrian crossings, warning marks (yellow lines, glowing stripes), lampposts and road signs.

The Assistant SZ application is not a complete solution to the Smartphone Zombies problems. And you cannot blindly rely on it when using a smartphone while walking. It only helps, with a certain probability, to recognize the danger and warn you about it.

The developers of the application are not responsible for any possible injuries or damage that users may incur as a result of using this application. By installing this application on your smartphone or tablet, you agree that you solely are responsible for its use. You use the application at your own risk!

Compatibility with other apps

This application operates in a background mode without interfering with other working applications, such as


Communicate with friends on the go with no limit

Social networks

Do not hinder your movements because of an interesting post


Quickly respond to business correspondence regardless of location


Searching the information you need at any movement


If you have a long way to go, use this time profitably


Be sure to follow the route without jerking around


Online shopping of things you like wherever you are

Video and photo

They attract and fascinate us, but you should always remember about safety!

Screenshots of Assistant SZ



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Features of this App

This application has a number of features distinguishing it from other similar applications

Compatibility with other apps

The application operates in the background mode without interfering with the main working applications.

Flexible danger warning

The application has different ways of alerting you of the danger that the user can modify and customize for themselves.

Multilingual menu

The application's menu is in different languages. At the moment we are trying to expand the number of languages.

Energy saving of the phone

The smartphone battery is consumed only while the pedestrian is moving and the screen of their smartphone is turned on.

Used phone camera

This application uses the rear camera of the smartphone to recognize the barriers of various danger level.

Used flashlight phone

To detect obstacles and dangers in the dark the application provides automatic backlighting.

How authorities can help?

If local authorities do not have the means to introduce technological innovations (pavement lights, light strips, ground-level traffic lights, traffic signs, etc.) or it is not feasible for other reasons, there is a simpler and cheaper way. The authorities only need to apply yellow lines (markings) in places dangerous for pedestrians: near public transport stops; before pedestrian crossings; before the stairs and offsets on the sidewalk. This will be a good help for the Assistant SZ application in the recognition of obstacles and warning pedestrians. The way of attracting the attention of pedestrians to dangerous places with the help of yellow lines is in itself useful and extremely necessary.

Of course, the authorities should also monitor the presence of road markings where they are needed and take care of their condition: repair, clean, and color them.

Frequently Ask Questions

Will the Assistant SZ application interfere with the main working application?

No, it will not. The Assistant SZ will interfere only when it detects a dangerous obstacle or impediment in front of you while you are walking.

The application does not work. What is the reason?

Check if the service is turned on. Check if the notification methods you need are turned on. Test the application on simple objects with clear horizontal and vertical contours (lines).

If your smartphone wearing wallet case, then make sure that its front part is not covered rear camera smartphone.

Remember that the Assistant SZ application detects interference and danger only when the pedestrian is moving and its smartphone screen is turned on!

Why does the application notify me of danger where there are no dangerous barriers?

This may happen if there are straight cracks in asphalt on your way or the pedestrian zone is paved with flagstones (square or rectangular).

Why does not the application identify dangerous obstacles where they are present?

This can happen if dangerous obstacles (curbs, crosswalks, warning lines) have uneven or blurred contours or weak illumination in their location (shadow, twilight, similar shades).

Why does the application notify me when I use the smartphone in transport? After all, I'm not driving, nor do I go on foot. I use the phone as an ordinary passenger.

Since the application determines whether you are moving or standing on the internal sensor (accelerometer), then riding in a vehicle for it is equivalent to the usual movement of a pedestrian. To accurately recognize the movement of a pedestrian from riding in transport, you need the presence of additional sensors in the smartphone and a more sophisticated analysis algorithm in the application. If you use the phone in transport as a passenger and the application is hindered by your erroneous alerts, then you can turn off the application service while driving in transport.

Why cannot I take a picture or record a video when walking while the application is running?

This happens because when walking, the Assistant SZ application captures the rear camera for hazards recognition and on some smartphones other applications do not have access to it at this time. If you need a camera for another application, you should stop for a few seconds and try to run the application you need (camera) again.

Connecting to which smartphone resources does the Assistant SZ application require?

The app Assistant SZ in its work uses:

  • Control camera - uses the rear camera of the smartphone to recognize the barriers of various danger level;
  • Control vibration - for alerting of danger;
  • Control flashlight (LED) - to detect obstacles and dangers in the dark;
  • Accelerometer - for recognizing the walking pedestrian (standing or moving);
  • Draw over other apps - displaying the camera window and message when the screen is locked;
  • Access to the Internet - to display ads in the free version of the Application;
  • Run at startup - automatically turn on the service when you restart the smartphone.

What are the languages of the application menu?

At the moment the application menu is implemented in the following languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian. The number of languages will increase with time.

Why is there no version of the Assistant SZ for the iPhone (for iOS)?

In the iOS operating system, you can not implement the tasks that the Assistant SZ application must perform. At the moment, iOS does not have such features.